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Why Your Dog Does Not Listen to You


I get calls from many dog owners saying their dogs will not listen to them. After evaluating the situation, I realize that many dog owners talk to their dogs too much. This is bad because the dog begins blocking out and habituating their communication.

Instead of being chatty-catty with your dog, try using more silent energy, body language, eye contact, and hand gestures. Dogs could care less if you tell them you love them 500 times a day, and they prefer to see you smile into their eyes and leave them alone.

Also, saying their name before every command is not a good idea. Their name needs to have value. Read How to Use the Puppies Name in Training for more details about when to use the dog's name effectively.

Constant gibberish to your dog creates a situation where most of your words begin to go in one ear and out the other; they stop listening to you when you need them to hear the most. You can't tell a dog to stop, stay, wait, or leave it if they are no longer interested in your vocal communication.

Proper dog obedience training requires a calm, confident leader who speaks only when necessary. Work on building the relationship with your dog through energy, not words.

Our puppy training program includes vocal commands and hand signals for sit, down, stay, and come. In addition, we also teach practical leash training skills with no commands while communicating through the leash. This is a crucial coaching lesson for effective animal communication, and words are not usually necessary.

When you learn to live with your dog where little words are needed harmoniously, and your dog knows what to do by making good decisions, it reduces the dog's stress and relieves your frustration.

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