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Terms of Service

Learn more about out terms of service below.


We accept payment via PayPal, Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover. We do not accept checks or cash. Payment for training programs is due in full before scheduling training sessions. 


Cancellation Policy: 

If the Client fails to give at least 24 hours of the cancellation notice or is not present at the time of the scheduled appointment, the cancelation will be counted as one session. 


Refund Policy:

All sessions are non-refundable. All training packages are non-refundable if not used. Sessions do not expire.


Services Policy: 

Trainer agrees to provide private lessons for Client and Dog on a lesson-by-lesson basis, the goal being to teach Client how to train and work with Dog. These lessons will take place at the Client's home. The trainer will make every reasonable effort to help the Client achieve training and behavior modification goals but makes no guarantee of the Dog’s performance or behavior as a result of providing professional animal behavior consultation. 


The client understands that they and members of the household must follow Trainer’s instructions without modification, work with the dog daily as recommended, and constantly reinforce the training being given to Dog. 


Liability Policy: 

Suppose Dog causes property damage or bites or injures any dog, animal, or person (including but not limited to Trainer and Trainer’s agents) during or after the term of this Agreement. In that case, the Client agrees to pay all losses and damages suffered or incurred and to defend and indemnify Trainer and Trainer’s agents from any resulting claims, demands, lawsuits, losses, costs, or expenses, including attorney fees. 


Suppose Dog is injured in a fight or any other manner during or after the term of the Agreement. In that case, the Client assumes the risk and agrees that Trainer should not be held responsible for any resulting injuries, losses, damages, costs, or expenses. 


Our Guarantee:

It is unethical to offer a guarantee of your dog's behavior because you can NEVER guarantee the behavior of any living being. We can't even predict our own behavior with 100% accuracy in any given situation, let alone an animal of another species. As a dog trainer in good standing,  I willingly pledge NOT to offer a guarantee of your dog's behavior. 


I WILL GUARANTEE professional customer service, punctuality, and a commitment to helping you the best I can to reach your dog's goals.  I will always be accessible to answer any questions after the training is complete, either by phone, email, or through my online community.

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