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What is Dog Training?

Updated: Jan 19


Many people think dog training is stopping unwanted behaviors or fixing the dog. Dog training is actually teaching the dog what you want it to do. 

Dog training should be focused on setting your puppy up for success instead of focusing on their unwanted behaviors. When you change your mindset to teach the puppy good behaviors, the undesirable behaviors disappear. This is because dogs cannot multitask. They can't jump if they are lying down. They can't bark if they are chewing a bully stick.

We use positive reinforcement and reward-based training to teach the dog basic obedience and practice these skills. Hundreds, or even thousands, of repetitions for each command or hand signal. When your puppy gets praise and rewards for doing something good, they get satisfaction from winning. This helps them enjoy people, the environment, and the training. 

Listen to the Puppy Talk Podcast episode A Paradigm Shift in Dog Training

When too many corrections exist to try and "stop" unwanted behaviors, the puppy gets frustrated and checks out. They are not enjoying the training, the new home, and likely the new owners. They can sense frustration, and they don't like it. 

The solution is to focus on what you want the dog to do and reward that behavior. Dogs will do more of what they are being rewarded for over time. 

Stop trying to fix the dog's behavior. This will only get you more of that unwanted behavior. TEACH the dog the things listed in the image below to prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring. This will set your dog up for success instead of failure. 

In addition, most people will reinforce unwanted behaviors by trying to correct the puppy with poor timing of the correction. For example, if the puppy is jumping and you're saying "off" or "no jumping" without the puppy knowing what that means, you are likely reinforcing the jumping by giving the puppy attention during the act of the behavior. 

This is why we focus on PREVENTING the behavior when the puppy is very young. 

Dog Obedience Training will help with minor behavior issues (before they become excessive), such as jumping, play biting, barking, and leash pulling. Serious behavior issues, including anxiety, fear, and aggression, will need Behavior Modification

Listen to the Puppy Talk Podcast episode A Paradigm Shift in Dog Training

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