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Improving The Dog Walk

Updated: Jan 15


Is there even such a thing as a perfect dog walk? Yes, there certainly is, but unfortunately, most dog owners will never experience it without the correct guidance from a dog-walking expert. In 2008, I learned from a dog trainer in Alabama how to walk my dog correctly on my own, and I've been teaching it to others ever since.

When I say a perfect walk, I am referring to walking your dog on a "loose leash," meaning that the dog is not pulling on the leash or reacting to any stimulus while on the walk. The leash must remain mostly loose, except for a brief communication from the handler to provide guidance. My dog training and puppy training programs teach the loose leash walking technique.

In the 12 years I have been training and walking dogs, I have never seen another dog walk as well on a leash as my own. This not only comes from observing thousands of dogs being walked, it also includes hundreds of dog training consultations.

Nothing is more frustrating to a dog owner than to take their dog out in public and cause a scene.

The shortlist of undesirable dog walking issues are:

  • Dog pulling leash (pulling the owner down the road).

  • Dog reacting to other dogs, cars, people, etc.

  • Dog picking up things with mouth.

  • Dog focusing on everything besides the walk.

BONUS TIP: If you're having difficulty pulling your dog on the leash, try an Easy Walk Harness that clips in the front or a Gentle Leader front clip head collar. Rear clip harnesses make the dog pull more.

I have written a new book called Leash Training Your Puppy. This book goes way beyond the basics and gets into advanced leash-walking techniques to ensure that your dog will never do any of the items listed above.

Leash Training requires a serious commitment and follow-through from the owners after completing the training. However, there is a massive payoff of being able to walk your dog with good leash manners finally and easily. 

Request a FREE Phone Consultation for dog training in Huntsville, AL.

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