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How to Manage Dogs Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is a massive problem in many dogs, and it's often very challenging to fix if it's serious. The most common anxiety issue is the dog barking, crying, or howling when the owner leaves the house.

The seriousness is worse for dog owners living in apartments or condos. The noise from the dog will create complaints from neighbors, management, or the HOA, and if not resolved, it could mean eviction or hefty fines. Sometimes, the only solution is to re-home the dog if the anxiety is not fixed immediately.

Below are some resources to help deal with your dog's separation anxiety. Remember that these are only suggestions, and what works for each dog needs to be addressed individually. Remember that separation anxiety is a behavior issue, not something that basic dog obedience training can resolve.


All of the above resources mention the same thing to look at before attempting to fix the behavior. Before contacting the VET for possible medication or exploring other health issues, I always explain to clients to take this approach first.


  1. Plenty of Physical Exercise - Without enough exercise, your dog will have excessive physical energy that needs to be burnt off. Without enough exercise, your dog will develop many behavior issues, including separation anxiety.

  2. Plenty of Mental Stimulation - This includes dog obedience training commands chained in sequences over short durations to mentally tire your dog's brain. Also, you can use Kongs or mental stimulation toys. In addition, a lot of herding and working dogs need a job, such as a nose work or some sort of obstacle course to do daily.

  3. Plenty of Socialization - You should frequently take your dog to the dog park or doggie day to socialize with other dogs. Also, dogs need to socialize with a variety of people. Under-socialized dogs usually develop multiple behavior issues, including separation anxiety.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, separation anxiety is NOT part of the basic Dog Obedience program; it can only be resolved through our Behavior Modification program and takes a lot of work and patience to fix.

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