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Flat Collar vs Rear Clip Harness for Leash Training


One of the most common discussions I have with clients is about leash training equipment. The dog stores will tell you that you must get a harness to walk your dog because anything around the neck will hurt and choke your dog. I call this excellent marketing from the harness manufacturers and bad advice from the pet store staff.

Flat collars have been around for hundreds of years, and dog's necks and throats were fine. There are literally thousands of harnesses on the market, and most of them are not very good, no matter what the packaging says and the claims they make.

There is a skill set involved with getting your dog not to pull, and teaching the dog basic obedience also helps. Sometimes, changing equipment can assist your dog in pulling, but the handler must also adjust their technique. I’ll explain more in another article.

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In this short video below, my clients demonstrate with their 4-month-old Siberian Husky puppy what it's like to walk her on one of the most popular "no pull" harnesses and a basic flat collar. The video speaks for itself.


There is one harness that I recommend, and it's a front clip harness by PetSafe called the Easy Walk Harness. This harness is a revolutionary design.

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