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Five Activities for Herding Dogs

Australian shepherd running with frisby in Huntsville, AL

Border collies, Australian shepherds, German shepherds, Corgis, and other herding dogs love the great outdoors and all its charms. These breeds excel in working environments where they get to use their skills and stretch their legs. They are among some of the most intelligent dogs and like to keep busy.

Going for walks offers excellent exercise, and playing fetch or tug at home may be a favorite part of the day for your pup. However, something more involved or exciting could make your dog feel alive. Help your intelligent dog avoid boredom with these five activities that are great for herding dogs.

1. Flyball -- Do dogs that don't love chasing balls exist? Find a dog sports club or training center near you that offers your pup a chance to play flyball, a dog sport that involves triggering and retrieving a ball at racing speed.

2. Frisbee -- Disc dogs didn't get their name for no reason. Whether you just like to toss or prefer to work on some more complex throws and moves, your herding dog is likely to be a worthy counterpart during frisbee time. Play at home, play at the park or pull together a group of friends and pups for a disc dog club with puppy play dates.

3. Fetch in the Lake -- Many dog breeds love swimming almost as much as they like fetching. Why not put the two together? Find a floating frisbee, ball, or another toy for playing in the lake until you or your pup gets tired. For an added burst of excitement, try dock jumping and see if your dog is willing to take the plunge!

4. Herding -- Perhaps the best fit for a herding dog is to take the dog to herding class! Some dog training centers offer herding sessions where your dog can learn sheep herding techniques.

5. Agility -- Always up for a challenge, herding breeds will thrive on agility courses. Get some exercise with your dog at an agility training center or set up a course in the comfort of your backyard where your kids can even participate in the fun.

Spending quality time with your dog enriches your whole family's experience. Participate in one of these fun dog sports or make up some other activities to enjoy with your herding dog. Making memories and having fun with your pooch is what matters most.

This article was written by Kathryn M. Van Druff for Top Gun Dog Training


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