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5 Reasons to Have Your Dog Trained by a Professional Dog Trainer

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

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Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that a professional dog obedience trainer isn't necessary. They often think that whatever training their dog needs, they can provide themselves. However, having your dog trained by a professional trainer early in its life is the best way to ensure that it will be obedient as it grows older. According to a study done by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, roughly 96 percent of the dogs given up to shelters haven't received any type of obedience training. This is a very telling statistic, and one that you should keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want to have your dog trained by a professional. The following are five benefits that obedience training can have for both you and your dog.

Identify behavioral issues early - Many dog owners are unable to sense if their dog has any behavioral issues because they have been blinded by unconditional love for their pet. A professional dog obedience trainer will be able to identify signs of potential behavioral problems even if they haven't become serious issues yet and will train them and provide advice accordingly to help keep potential behavioral issues from becoming actual, serious behavioral problems.

Train your dog quicker and more effectively - Sure, you can go online and figure out a few ways to train your dog on your own. However, a professional obedience trainer will be able to provide a more comprehensive plan for training your dog using more effective methods. Professional trainers have the experience and knowledge that you most likely don't have, after all.

Live a healthier lifestyle - Dog owners whose dogs aren't well behaved will often leave their dogs at home when they go out in public, even as they go for a walk or head to the park. By training your dog to be obedient in public settings, research has shown that you'll not only be able to enjoy each other's companionship more often, you'll also suffer from less anxiety, get more exercise and benefit from lower blood pressure when compared to the health of non-dog owners.

Increase the bond between you and your dog - A lot of time is required in order to train your dog. Training requires patience, time, consistency and positive rewards. The time that you invest training your dog will help to establish a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Ensure the safety of the public - You should always have your dog on a leash - but sometimes your dog can get excited and either slip out of its collar or burst free. A dog that has not been trained could not only run away never to be seen again, it could also attack an innocent bystander. Obedience training will ensure that your dog will stay by your side or return to you within a short period of time without going on the attack.

If you are the proud owner of a new dog, then you should strongly consider having your dog trained by a professional for these five reasons.

This article was written by Benjamin Byron for Top Gun Dog Training


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