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5 Things Dog Trainers Never Do

Updated: Mar 25


Dog trainers never repeat vocal commands.

Dog trainers know that repeating commands only confuses a dog. Repeating commands also program the number of times the command is said into the dog's brain, so you will have to continue repeating commands to get any result. 

Dog owners usually repeat commands, sounding something like this: “sit, sit, sit, sit, sit,” so quickly that the dog has no idea what they are saying and has no chance of actually processing the command.

Dog trainers never overuse vocal commands when training a dog.

Dog trainers say the command once and allow the dog time to process and perform the behavior. This could take up to 30 seconds, but it’s the only way for the dog to effectively learn the command by making a good decision and performing it themselves.

Dog owners often use one vocal command after another, with the dog name before it, sounding like this: “Dixie sit, Dixie down, Dixie stay.” Doing this lessens the value of the dog name, which should be saved when we need a dog to come to us (recall command).

Dog trainers never get frustrated with a dog.

Dog trainers know that dogs respect a calm, confident demeanor from the person teaching them. Dog trainers effectively communicate with dogs while keeping the dog calm and in the moment. 

Dog owners often get frustrated when their dogs don’t behave as they want. Dogs can feel frustration and stress from people, and they don’t respond well to either one. The dog begins to check out and will no longer listen to commands that are based on frustration. 

Dog trainers never allow a dog to pull on the leash.

Dog trainers use leash training skills to prevent leash pulling and teach loose leash walking. Dog trainers use foundational obedience commands such as sit, down, and wait while walking a dog to avoid overstimulation and reactivity to other dogs and people. 

Dog owners allow their dogs to pull on the leash and reinforce this behavior by pulling it back and giving the dog commands it does not know. This mindset teaches the dog to pull instead of relax on the leash. 

Dog trainers don’t expect a dog to be perfect.

Dog trainers are patient and understand that dogs learn at their own pace. They never expect dogs to be perfect and understand that humans are not perfect. 

Dog owners expect their dogs to learn everything quickly and never make mistakes. Setting unrealistic expectations like these only makes the relationship more challenging and out of balance, preventing a harmonious living experience. 

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