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The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training

golden retriever with owner smiling at Top Gun Dog Training in Huntsville, AL

Training a new puppy is never easy; it takes a lot of time and effort. Positive Reinforcement Training uses a rewards-based system that is desirable to your puppy and reinforces or teaches a behavior you want them to learn.

For example, in the command sit, the moment their bottom hits the ground, you mark the behavior with the word "yes", and you give them a treat and thus creating a positive experience for your puppy. There are many methods of training to use on your new puppy, and this one is highly recommended among trainers.

Here are some benefits of positive reinforcement training.

  • It’s a positive experience. It supports and creates a bond between you, your family, and your puppy. When you have a bond with your puppy it supports the trust your puppy has in you.

  • You put all of your focus on what your puppy is doing correctly rather than what your puppy is doing wrong. Focus on reinforcing commands that you want the puppy to do instead.

  • When you give a treat to your puppy for the correct command, they are more likely to remember the behavior as it has a positive reinforcement behind it.

  • It helps with providing good mental stimulation for your puppy. Puppies need not only physical activity but mental activity as well. When you use positive reinforcement for your puppy, it requires your puppy to think about the actions they want to make in order to gain that treat.

Having a puppy takes a lot of work but seeing your puppy thrive and having a positive experience is fun and exciting. You get to watch them grow and learn new challenges every day.

This article was written by Taylor Andrews for Top Gun Dog Training


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