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5 Noise-Free Dog Toys for Growing Puppies


Puppies need to play. It's part of their nature. They wake up every day packed with energy and need to find outlets to burn up that energy. It's great for their development, and both their brain and body will benefit.

But typically, these dog toys can be noisy. Most include squeakers or some kind of speaker that produces sound. While some pet owners are OK with these kinds of toys, others would rather avoid them. If you're the latter, here are five noise-free types of toys for growing puppies

1) Ball toys

These are a classic, noiseless staple when it comes to doggie toys. Ball toys include tennis balls, baseballs, softballs, and even basketballs. Basically, any kind of ball that's too big for your puppy to swallow works as a great toy.

Tennis balls tend to be the most desired kind of ball toy, mainly because they are soft enough for your dog to catch in its mouth but still round and bouncy.

2) Chew toys

Another classic noise-free dog toy is the chew toy category. For example, rubber Kongs, ropes, and anything else that can take a beating from your puppy and keep on going. Those are all considered chew toys.

Kongs and ropes don't typically have squeakers inside of them. Kongs can be filled with treats or peanut butter and keep your puppy busy all day long. Some chew toys help clean your dog's teeth. 

3) Treat toys

While you can put treats inside of Kongs, they are only a small section of the "Treat toys" category. Treat toys are specifically designed to reward your puppy by releasing snacks after a dog plays with the toy.

Some of the more advanced treat toys require puppies to solve a small puzzle or move the toy in a specific way to release the treats. Either way, it's great for a growing puppy's brain and body to have toys like these readily available. Also, most treat toys are entirely noise free.

4) Water toys

Thinking about teaching your new puppy to swim? Water toys can help with that training. Water toys come in various different shapes and sizes. From water Frisbees to foam sticks and other floating toys, water toys will give your puppy something to chase after in the water.

Floating fetch toys are available for more advanced dogs who already know how to swim and just need something that can endure being tossed in the water repeatedly.

5) Flying discs

Last up is flying discs. These are usually plastic but sometimes can be rubber. Puppies love flying discs. They are easy to catch, fun to play with, and don't make a sound. 

It's important to note plastic discs are more of an outside toy. They can be used indoors but are best utilized outside.

Which noise-free puppy toy is right for you?

Figuring out which noise-free puppy toy fits your needs is easy.

If you have more of an outdoor lifestyle with a lot of time spent outside, flying discs, balls, and water toys will fit your pet better. But if you're looking for indoor toys, chew toys and treat toys are best. 

Also, remember what your puppy gravitates toward the most and go from there. If your dog likes playing with rope toys, then lean into it. That's the easiest way to determine which toy is best for your puppy.

This article was written by Marcus D. for Top Gun Dog Training.

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