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All About Emotional Support Animals

Updated: Jan 16


Getting a new puppy does not automatically make it an ESA (Emotional Support Animal), even with a Therapy Pet Certification. Dogs have to be trained in proper obedience and be well socialized to be effective ESA.

What Is an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional support dogs are defined by their ability to comfort their owners through affection and companionship. They are a big help to those who suffer from mental and/or emotional issues. Emotional support dogs aren’t required to perform any specific tasks needed to aid a person who is limited by a disability like service dogs are. That would fall into the role of a Service Dog

Their primary role is to provide their owners with emotional comfort. Emotional support animals can psychologically benefit an individual who has a disability tremendously. The gift of companionship and unconditional affection can be just the right therapy to counter a condition like debilitating depression.

Emotional support dogs provide comfort, a calming presence, and company. Emotional support dogs do not have access to all public areas as Service Dogs.

How We Train Emotional Support Dogs

Once you have chosen your puppy, start him off with the basic obedience training: sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc. The younger you start with these lessons, the more likely your dog will be a suitable emotional support companion.

In addition to obedience, your dog must be well-socialized. This means no barking, jumping, lunging, begging for food, and other annoying habits some dogs can exhibit when out in a public setting.

What We Teach

  • First, we teach your ESA basic dog obedience.

  • Second, we teach your dog how to be well-socialized.

  • Third, we teach you and your dog how to be calm and relaxed.

  • Finally, we test and certify your dog as an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

  • All training is done in a 12-session package.

For more information on our Emotional Support Animal program, please visit this page.

If you have any questions about training your dog to become an ESA, please contact us here


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