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The Fast-Track Dog Training Program

The fastest way to stop unwanted behaviors.

Fast Track Dog Obedience Program

About the program:

This program is the fastest way to stop and prevent all unwanted minor dog behaviors such as jumping, barking, play biting, and chewing. The sessions are conducted at your home. 

This program is excellent for dog owners who want fast results. It focuses on eliminating unwanted behaviors while teaching basic obedience and discipline. Owners should be present for most sessions. An in-home camera is recommended to monitor sessions if not at home during the training.

This program focuses on the components of THE GOOD DOG program (Basic Dog Obedience) and will not include any AKC or Therapy Dog certifications. This program does not address serious behavior problems that include fear, separation anxiety, stress, leash reactivity, or aggression. 


  • 12 training sessions

  • 3 sessions a week for four weeks

  • Choose either M/W/F or T/TH/S

  • Each session is 60 min 


Please contact us for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation so that we can learn more about your dog and provide a rate quote for reaching your training goals. 



Who this program is for:

Training for 2-3 dogs in one house

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